Any Business Could Benefit

Anyone who has a business element in their lives could benefit from our services; whether it is running a Limited Company in the building industry, being self-employed as a hair-dresser, or renting property as a landlord. We can help you from an initial business idea through getting up and running, and beyond.

Start-Up Businesses

A new business can seem very daunting, but we can help you understand what the authorities want from you and their timescales. We can help forecast your income and your expenditure to enable you to budget and predict cash flows. We believe that a business owner should know how the finance figures work and what they mean, and we will help you to help yourself by introducing you to your own finances, and even set up your own accounting system for you.

Sole trader hairdresser

Sole Traders

Traders can benefit from us taking the day to day financial work away from the business owner, which allows them to get on with the real work – their trade! We can help you meet your compliance deadlines, advising on VAT if required and how to go about employing staff or subcontractors and the effects this will have on the business.

Limited Companies

There is an extra layer of compliance to be dealt with here and we can help by producing Statutory Accounts for the Authorities or assuming the role of Company Secretary to ensure changes to the Company and other documents are handled efficiently. A Limited Company needs book-keeping and regular management information as well as help with VAT or Payroll and we can offer a service package tailored to your requirements.



Individuals such as landlords are still required to submit Tax Returns to HM Revenue and Customs, and we can help ensure that your expense claims are complete and accurate. If the property is sold, a Capital Gain may need to be reported and we can help with this extra detail.

Higher Rate Taxpayers

Individuals who pay tax at a higher rate could benefit from Tax Planning advice to ensure their Tax affairs are managed as efficiently as possible.